Something about me...

I am a passionate facilitator and trainer of non-formal education, with experience with writing, organizing, training and evaluating Erasmus+ projects and open workshops.

I have a background in project management, marketing, PR, journalism, event management, dance coaching and more. I love to create things with my hands and ask stupid questions. 

I'm helping people to revive their natural curiosity, courage to learn from life experiences and will to make positive change

My passion is to empower people to shine in their own way, take up challenges and opportunities and inspire each other to be better humans in this complicated world.

I believe each of us has a light they should take care of and share with others. 

Because together we shine brighter

Some of my projects...

Erasmus+ Training Course Kickstart Your Business

Blansko, Czechia

I took part in all phases of this entrepreneurship-oriented TC - from timetable creation through organization and training to dissemination and evaluation. It was the third run of our entrepreneurship-oriented project and it was our best project so far. And we made an awesome video.

Erasmus+ Youth Exchange Business for Impact

Valmiera, Latvia

The team of the local Youth Bank wished to organize a Youth Exchange on the topic of social entrepreneurship. I mentored the team through the whole process of understanding what and E+ project is, how to write a good application and prepare, organize and facilitate a top-level project. The project was a great success and I was proud of my team members. The project received a prize for the best youth-led project in the region. And of course, we made a cool video

European voluntary service 

Valmieras novada fonds, Valmiera, Latvia 

I decided to go for an EVS help others, learn about a new culture and country and to better my training and facilitation skills. During my time in Valmieras novada fonds, I developed, organized and facilitated over 50 personal development, creative and language workshops in the Youth House and in schools.
I also traveled to other cities to organize workshops, taught a regular FitBallet class every week and mentored a Youth Bank team to create an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange. I also explored a lot and had the honor to dance with a folk dance group and take part in the Song and Dance Festival. You can see some of my experiences in my videos.

People say..

...mostly nice things. And I am really happy and honored.

Samanta Berga

coordinator of the Youth Bank Valmiera

"I worked together with Luci during her EVS in Latvia. She was the mentor and coordinator of our youth exchange "Business For Impact" and passionately improved the quality of youth work in town of Valmiera. Her unlimited energy, responsible attitude and open mindset inspired not only me but other young people to more actively pursue their initiatives and develop new skills even in a small town. I highly value her responsivness (would answer and help at any time), determination to overcome obstacles (youth inactivity) and mentorship skills that guided the team to a successfully implemented youth exchange."

Ondřej Přikryl

Director of MotoSurf America, Founder of informal group of young people Proactive Mind

"Luci has been working with me in the youth work field since 2015. She has always been outperforming, delivering great results and creating positive atmosphere. Her youth worker skills has skyrocketed after her comeback from EVS stay in Latvia. She was the most valuable member of the team during the E+ Training course Kickstart your business. I enjoy working with her and I am excited to develop new projects with her."

Ansis Bērziņš

CEO of Valmieras novada fonds

"Luci was our Erasmus+ volunteer youth worker in Valmiera Region Community Foundation (Latvia) for a year from October 2017 till September 2018. I admire Luci for her unstoppable energy and ability to improvize. When it comes to youth trainings and events, there is always high chance of unsuccess (no people coming, no interest or energy in room, etc.), but Luci was quickly able to respond and rearrange herself and the group for the new circumstances. Also, her positive attitude and optimism is excellent and helpful. Despite her good experiences, Luci has always been open to learning and picking up new lessons from whatever happens with her or is done by herself. I miss her a lot! “

Ana Pérez Cuerva

participant of TC Kicksart your business

"As a participant of the training course "Kickstart Your Business" founded by Erasmus+, I can strongly recommend Luci as a trainer. She didn't only teach me interesting theoretical things about the entrepreneurship world but also she helped me to developing my self-confidence and she was an important pillar in my self-development. She has lot of characteristics that make her to be the ideal facilitator: she has great social skills with a high level of empathy, she is hardworking with a huge ability to make people to work as much as well and she also can coordinate and work under pressure without problems, it seems. Luci can help you to change positively faster than other trainers."

Roman Proskalovich

Business consultant, Co-trainer of Kickstart your business

"Luci is one of the most professional trainers I have ever seen during my participation in almost a dozen of Erasmus+ and other international training courses. She is very hardworking and passionate about what she does - this helps to inspire people around her and to communicate the knowledge perfectly. Luci helps her peers in their personal development and her background in entrepreneurship, art, healthy lifestyle is a superb toolkit for that."