What am I doing?

The roads of education are crooked and full of surprises. 

Let's explore them together!

You can find the closest workshops and other events here

During my workshops you can: sit on the grass, run around the room, build stuff from play dough, communicate without words, observe, travel in time, train fine motor skills or pretend you are someone else.  

Most importantly, you will grow and learn in a fun way, using methods of non-formal education
 and without overthinking.  

All of the workshops will give you something of practical value to take with you - shoes, action plan or real-life experiences. And you will meet many people as amazing as you!

Erasmus+ projects

I love Training Courses and Youth Exchanges in the Erasmus+ programme, and projects of the European Solidarity Corps. 

I enjoy creating, writing and organizing them, and most importantly I love to train on them. 

My E+ projects are usually about entrepreneurial spirit, healthy lifestyle and education. 

I am also currently working on a Solidarity project called Mirror of Sport. 

Open events

I'm organizing open personal development and creative workshops, where you can:

  • create a map of your inner world,
  • find your personal mission and vision,
  • create barefoot sandals, 
  • make macrame bracelets with stones,
  • play educational games, 
  • experience the Way of Council and much more.

Workshops for companies and schools

For many years now I'm working as a facilitator of fun team building programs and in Latvia I was cooperating with many schools to include the principles of nonformal education to their classrooms. 

I love to find the best method, approach and topic to help learners of all ages to grow in their personal and professional life. 

Pop me a message and we will come up with something awesome for your class or colleagues! 

And don't forget, learning is serious fun!